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T-map was born in Rome , from an image, intuition , combined with imagination and creativity , a combination that leads to the realization of original and innovative products , collect them all to always carry the memory or the membership of the city ​​visited or that you would like to visit.

To be a designer today means finding solutions that improve the quality of life of people through smart objects and aesthetically beautiful. And ‘ what Diellesse , the design studio of young professionals , founded by Laura SpinacI, is committed to bringing forward every day.

From observing the tourists an insight I had intentions to consult a map of the city of Rome , Laura captures the importance of always having available a map of the city , preferably printed on items that you may have with them such as t -shirts , shopping bags bag , notebooks . This is how T -map , or Town Map, a collection of products that bear printed on its surface maps of the historic centers of major Italian art cities . An idea that combines creativity and intelligence in practicality and versatility. In addition to an immense love for Italy and its artistic beauty.

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